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Welcome to my new online board game store

2016 June 26
by Michael Schroeder

Meeple Village

That’s right, I opened up an online board game store. I’m excited to announce, Meeple Village – where “It takes a village of games to make a collection.” I’ve been alluding to this for some time now. This is one of my board game projects. I hope it grows into something really great. Yeah, it won’t be an easy road, but I don’t care. When I get fixated on an idea, I do it. I hope I’m able to grow this business into something successful by providing gamers and non-gamers as the premiere place to obtain board games. What sets us apart is that we’re going to be throwing in little board gaming related trinkets and do a lot of email marketing and provide discounts as well as a more curated collection of games that we think are great!

We ask that you visit Meeple Village, check us out and subscribe to our newsletter. The newsletter box may appear as as popup or to get right to it, enter your email in the lower right of any page. And here’s a special promotion for my listeners and readers, 10% your order. You must register as a user to use it. I also ask that you sign up for the newsletter. This coupon code expires July 17, 2016. The code is 10BGD.

We look forward to seeing you.

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