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I’m still here

2016 June 10
by Michael Schroeder

Hey there, gamers! If you’re wondering where I’ve been I’m here to tell you I’m still around. So what’s been going on? No podcasts or blog entries as of late? I’ve been working on a new project. If you recall awhile back in one of my entries, I wrote about some projects I’ve been working on. I’m not ready to tell you about this one yet, but I’m hoping to around the end of the month. This project is one of those items from my list. It’s been taking a lot of my time up. It’s real hard juggling multiple projects at the same time and family, my day job and a side business.

A few months prior, I was working on one project, with great passion, but I was shocked when I discovered someone was just announcing a similar project, almost identical to mine on KickStarter. I was about to go to production with this item too. But mine’s better. It’s a board game related accessory, to help us gamers out. I don’t want to say anymore about it now. It will surface at some point. I just don’t know when.

That’s all I have for you today. I’ve been playing some games as usual. I recently picked up a copy of Star Wars: Imperial Assault and played a skirmish game with my 4 year old son, he loved it. I’m hoping to get a campaign started soon. It’s basically the Star Wars version of Descent, but since I like Star Wars so much, this will have more staying power for me, than Descent did. I still like Descent, but the SW one, I assume is like the newer Descent 2.0, which is more streamlined. The rules say it takes between 1-2 hours. The original Descent seemed to be too long, and was one of those games that would not get a lot of table time.

Anyways, I wanted to remind you that I’ll be doing more podcasts again as well. I just don’t have a timeline for you.

It’s funny, before my show stopped, I offered an online Board Game retailer a deal, “I’ll advertise your business, every episode, if you send me free games.” I know now that, that proposal was dead on arrival. I would have done an episode everyday during the month of May, which would have been part of the deal on my end. But since I didn’t any obligations to hold onto, I didn’t.

So what happened? Why is there a break in the podcasts? I learned a lesson. Always do a sound check. My mixing board is in a common area of the house. When I came downstairs to do a a recording, I recorded, a review of Toledo and something else. And to my dismay, there was no audio! I couldn’t figure it out. I then did another attempt the next day – same thing! I assumed nobody touched any hardware, but then I look at the main mixer level knob on the mixer. All the way down! Drat! I can only assume my two year old did it. I didn’t get mad at her. It’s my fault. I should have put it away and did a sound check. I will next time. But I was so frustrated of two days in a row, of wasting my time recording my voice into nothing. I stopped for awhile and got side tracked on my next board game related project (which will come to fruition later this month – I’m excited to share it with you).

Till next time.

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