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Are you enjoying this blog/podcast?

2016 March 14
by Michael Schroeder

Hey everyone. Mike here. I wanted to thank my readers and now, podcast listeners up to this point. I wanted to ask, “Are you enjoying the content I’m delivering to you?” If that answer is yes, can I ask you a question? Would you mind donating to the blog/podcast?

I have set up a page on Patreon (

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 12.43.42 PM

I have a few goals on there.

  • $5 – a one time donation will get you an ePub copy of my book (The book is currently under this price, but consider this a combo donation, of sorts, you’re getting a copy of my book, plus some of that is straight up donation. I’m unsure how this will work, but I’m assuming and hoping that when someone donates, I’ll receive their email address.
  • $1/month (500 different people) – I have a goal of 500 people donating $1 a month – this will help me get better equipment for recording and producing the shows
  • $1/month (2000 different people) – I have a goal of 2000 people donating $1 a month – this will also help with equipment and such. I’m finding out that my Podcast host quotas run out pretty quickly, so this would help offset those costs, greatly,
  • Anything else, would be a windfall and for use at my discretion.

Again, thank you all for my readers this past, almost 6 years, I hope to continue growing and we have some great things in the works! Thank you.

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