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New year and some new announcements

2015 December 31
by Michael Schroeder

Hi Board Game Dialog readers. I hope everyone is having a good New Years eve. I’m also hoping that you don’t have to work today.

I wanted to address the lack of posts lately. I’ve been rethinking this blog the past month or so and its direction in the grand scheme of things. I have a master plan of sorts, in the realm of board games. My vision is, “To spread the joy of board games.” It’s that simple. Board Game Dialog is one cog in that wheel.

My plan for Board Game Dialog is to rebuild it. This involves a new design, one that pops with large images, quotes and more importantly, contributors. I think I want to take on more of the duties of sales and marketing for this blog, as well as my other board game endeavors.

That’s where I’m placing a call out to you folks. If your passion is board games and you enjoy writing and think you’re not bad at it and better yet, you love to write, I want to hear from you. I want to have regular contributors who are looking to get their opinions out there on game reviews and even editorials and commentary on board gaming related topics. If you want to cover the news and do interviews with designers, publishers and the movers and shakers in the industry, I’m also interested in that.

While I can’t pay at this time. I’m not dismissing compensation in the future. So for any of those whom are interested in writing for the blog, send an email to If you write any content for me in the next month or so, please be advised that it will not appear immediately. I will likely hold any articles until the site is ready for re-launch. And please, if you’re doing a review, look at the content already existing on this site, to make sure we’re not replicating content.

Spreading the joy of board games

I mentioned earlier that my vision is to simply, “Spread the joy of board games.” My strategic plan under this umbrella statement is to also…

  • Run a board game convention – my hope is to have the 1st annual convention this year – this is currently being planned out and I have been in talks with a couple of venues
  • Continue my Beyond Monopoly eBook series (for my first book, check it out on Amazon, the iTunes Book Store)
  • A top secret iOS app – stay tuned, this one is the focus of my attention right now
  • Start a board game publishing company/design studio to facilitate my own designs and eventually, other designers (this one is a bit farther off)
  • Retailer – part of getting board games is selling them, right? I’ve been considering an online store  (which is going to be more painful in the near future due to the Asmodee decision), which is much more likely or a brick and mortar retailer (but I don’t have the funds for that)
  • And another top secret idea where I’m generating IP, related to the BG industry – can’t say anymore at this point
  • Board Game Dialog – transforming the blog, possibly starting an accompanying podcast

So there you have it! There’s a lot going on behind the scenes. Circling back to this blog however, that’s  why I need you folks, a lot going on! Once again, please contact me if you’d like your articles to be on Board Game Dialog. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you and have a happy new year!

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