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Making the Leap from Board Games to Online Poker

2011 April 7
by Guest Writer

With an endless variety of board games to keep them busy, fans might wonder why in the world they’d ever want to add a new game like online poker to the mix, especially since it’s a card game that’s played online and would seem to have next to nothing to do with board games. While they are very different games, board game fanatics have some advantages and skills that translate very well to the game of poker — skills that can prove very valuable in more ways than one.

Many board games require the ability to think many moves ahead, as well as not just coming upwit a strategy suited for different opponents but also the ability to adjust that strategy on the fly. The same approach usually won’t work against all players, so to succeed at many board gamesyou have to not just have a plan but know when to adjust it (or abandon it altogether for a newapproach). You’ll also typically have to be a patient player, as most board games take hours to complete a game, with instant gratification a rare thing in the world of board games.

Those same factors play into online poker games as well, where winning players are most often the ones with a flexible strategy and the patience to wait for the right situations. Poker doescontain some elements of luck but it’s much like board games that incorporate rolling dice; good strategy can always overcome an unlucky roll of the dice here and there. The best poker players study the game intensely until they perfect a flexible approach that will work against many different type players, letting them profit no matter what opponents are sitting at the tables with them.

As far as why you might want to dabble in poker, players at the top online poker sites can easily make well over $100,000/year, so it can be an incredibly lucrative game, and one that requires skills which many board game fans have already honed. While it’s hard to profit from playing your favorite board games, online poker is just a few mouse clicks away, and is a proven way to cash in on broader gaming skills; many poker pros today were former Magic, StarCraft, andchess players before making the move to poker.

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