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How much is too much (games, that is)?

2010 November 25
by Michael Schroeder

Click…whip out credit card before the business day ends…enter ##########, submit! Yay, another game is on it’s way! That’s a regular occurrence with me. I love to have more board games! Who doesn’t? Well, most of the population, that’s who. But hey, everyone has a hobby (well, we all should).

I just love it when I get that package from the delivery company and I cut it open to find large boxes filled with fun. There’s something wonderful about holding this somewhat large box that often has a decent weight to it while it’s still wrapped in cellophane. I guess I could say, its a similar rush to holding a sealed box to a video game console, or a laptop. Most of my money now, is used on food (well, that’s never changed), utilities/bills and board games. My main hobby used to be video games, and I did have a lot at some points in my life, but now, my main hobby is board games, and I hope that will never change. I just love getting more and more board games. Why? Well, for one, there are so many out there, and I just want to experience the genius and innovation of new games.

But sometimes I do wonder, when should I stop? I’ll look at the number of games and expansions I currently own, and it’s 67. That sounds like a lot. Well, compared to most people on board game geek, I’m sure it’s just a dent. But in the few years that I’ve been a board games enthusiast, I’ve collected a decent number of games. So, should I stop? I don’t think I ever will. Board gaming is fun that could be had at most functions and with almost anybody. There is a universal compliance and low barrier to entry when it comes to playing board games compared to say, video games. And I think the primary things that spark my desire to buy more games is ..

  1. Modern board games are fun!
  2. It’s not in any way an unethical or immoral activity. It’s something that can be played with an array of people, from family to friends.
  3. Games are cheaper than video games. Now while this is certainly not always true, in my opinion, it’s largely true. Most video games, when they are initially released, are around $50. OK, so since childhood, this number of $50 has been stuck in most of our heads as the standard price for a console video game. Well, when you look at board game prices, most of them are in the range of 20-30 dollars. Some are even cheaper, and most are under $50. So I have this sense of less guilt about buying board games. I justify it in my head, “oh, it’s less than $50, so it’s OK. It’s like going out to eat.” Now, yes, I know that a lot of games are over $50, but for the most part, they are less.
  4. More variety of fun! I’ve been playing video games most of my life, and in the past few years, board games. I like to have fun. I might not look like it all the time, but I do. Life isn’t about work, it’s about living life and having fun. Board games is my channel of energy to fun. Some may do rock climbing to satisfy that fun urge – that’s fine…that’s just not me. I like to have a mental challenge in the fun I do, and I’m also a person that loves learning – so gaming’s where it’s at for me!

I come back to the question though – how much is too much? Simply, there is no answer for that. The answer depends on where you are in life and your situations in life. No money in your bank account? You shouldn’t be buying games for awhile…at least until you get some more money in there. Addicted to games to the point where your not bathing and piles of pizza boxes are cluttering your house? It’s time to stop and take a break. Feel like your getting bored with modern games? Buy more! Not a reason to stop! There are so many wonderful games out there, that I’m sure we can find something for you. If your bored with gaming at the present moment, take up another temporary hobby. We don’t want to lose you. What you have no more storage space? Well this is a problem I’m slowly running into myself. Currently I have one book case with 3 shelves on it, filled with games. Plus the top of the shelf has games on it. The lowest level has movies, and just recently I had to consolidate them to fit more games, as the movies, previously were taking up two shelves. I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do once I fill this shelf up. I’m certainly not going to stop getting more games, but I think I’m going to have to take up the other book case as well, but the problem is, books and movies take up that shelf, and it’s on the other side of the room the games are in, so I won’t have this nice, flush, look of games upon games. Oh well. I think though I will have to get another shelf at that point and move some upstairs. Again though, certainly not a reason to stop getting more games. Now family and friends may think your mentally touched a bit, in the wrong way, but it’s certainly not a reason to stop buying games!

I’m curious if any of my readers have stopped buying (not stopped playing) games? And for what Reasons? What reasons, besides the ones I mentioned above, make you continually buy more games. Are you trying to get more games than your friends on board game geek? Board game geek certainly can contribute to an urge to buy more games, as you can get a number of the games you own.

That’s it for now folks. Have a happy thanksgiving and I hope you can get some games in with the family that’s not entirely party games!

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  1. February 21, 2011

    I’m kinda in a tight money spot right now, but still, I’ve really slowed down on board game purchases mostly because I’m not sure which ones to buy. There’s always a few that I don’t own that would fit nicely in my collection (Ticket to Ride) and a few more that are a bit more expensive than my current budget allows (Pitchcar). But still, I feel that what holds me back a bit is trying to find the “best” games and feeling that since so many games come out, I don’t want to risk buying something I won’t enjoy. Reviews exist and all, but the fun you get out of a board game is very subjective (well, that applies to anything now that I think about it).

    I can almost be 99.9% sure I’ll enjoy a video game because I’ve been playing for over 20 years. But maybe I don’t have the same degree of board game….literacy? to be as sure of my gut feeling when buying a new game.

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